$100,000 Internet Advertising Blog

Is it possible to make $100,000 annually from Internet advertising using only a small low traffic blog? Actually it is not only possible but it is actually being done every day. And I’m not even talking about the lucrative blog sponsorship deals that are increasingly common the blogosphere these days where a fortune 500 company sponsors a small blog to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars every month. I am talking about a blog being able to raise a monthly average of about $8,400 from Internet advertising from clients who’ve purchased space in the blog site. This kind of consistent performance will put $100,000 into the pocket of a blogger by year-end.

Just like in the case of offline advertising sales, the niche targeted for is extremely important. The big secret here is that the better a job you do of targeting the right niche for your blog, the less important the volume of your traffic will be. A word of caution is in order here. It is absolutely significant for bloggers with low traffic to ensure that their limited traffic is highly targeted. Just by ensuring you do these two things I have mentioned within this paragraph, you will have a pretty good chance of generating $100,000 in Internet advertising from your blog even if you have as little as 50 to 100 unique visitors daily.

There is nothing wrong with targeting several small niches at the same time, that are all related to the subject matter of your blog. They will all neatly fall into separate pages which all have advertising space that can be hired out in exchange for dollars.

Which brings us to the other critical fact in generating advertising revenue for a blog. You must find a way of making full use of a significant amount of the space in each page of your blog if you intend to reach $100,000 in Internet advertising revenue for your blog.

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